Helping digital health leaders with cybersecurity practices

  • Cybersecurity Policy: how leaders set the expectation for cyber hygiene
    Cybersecurity policy forms your staff behavior that protects your organization. Just like any other habit, bad cyber habits are easy to form. But, left unchecked, staff with bad cyber hygiene is a liability to the organization and a threat to patient safety. After all, the threat actors only need to be right once.  As a leader … Read more
  • Medical Device Security: how leaders can secure medical devices to enhance patient safety
    Medical devices are soft targets for threat actors. They were built for a specific clinical use case. As a result, these devices have only the necessary components to do the job and keep the production cost low. As a result, typically, they do not have enough resources (e.g., CPU, disk, memory, networking) to implement modern … Read more
  • Incident Response: how leaders can prepare for cyberattacks
    Being prepared makes dealing with cyberattack incidents less stressful. Despite our best effort to prevent cyberattacks, there is still a possibility that an incident will occur. Do we have a plan for when that happened? Do your staff know what to do and when? When the adrenaline runs high, that’s not the best time to … Read more