This blog is about helping digital healthcare leaders to defend against cyber attacks. You want to improve cybersecurity for patient safety and compliance concerns, but feel challenged with limited resources and talent available. Sounds familiar?

Hi, I’m Dr. Aldo Febro; welcome to my blog! This blog aims to simplify and share what I learned about implementing effective and appropriate cybersecurity best practices with other digital healthcare leaders.

I have been an IT professional for 25 years. During those years, I progressed through various roles in multiple sectors (manufacturing, financial, communication, and healthcare). My Ph.D. is in Computer Science, and I currently hold CISSP, CISM, and CPHIMS certifications.

Digital health transformation is fascinating with tremendous opportunities, but the health sector struggles with unique cybersecurity challenges. The challenges range from securing the legacy medical devices to AI. Without addressing cybersecurity fundamentals, digital health transformation will not reach its potential.

Creating safe cyberspace for patients to heal

To help digital healthcare leaders with pragmatic cybersecurity strategies for assuring patient safety

I plan to approach this effort by starting with the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) and mapping it with proven strategy, architecture, and products. The idea is to develop pragmatic options by providing vendor-neutral strategy, product analysis, and advisory. This approach complements existing guidance with market reviews to reduces the overall implementation time.

I hope this blog will help fellow digital health leaders to become fearless cyber defenders that their organizations need them to be.